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Thread: CFKS 2012 - Friday night debauchery

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    CFKS 2012 - Friday night debauchery

    Each year the CFKS organization holds an appreciation dinner for the Judges, volunteers and vendors that make the show possible. The dinner gets sponsored by companies and individuals – someone please post the sponsors.

    This year we even had live entertainment! An Ugly Shorts Contest

    I took the photos Ed Keller and I took and stitched them together with some video to create this YouTube clip. I had to remove the music, because it kept getting flagged and blocked.

    Ugly Shorts Contest at the Central Florida Koi Show - YouTube

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    The Friday evening BBQ was sponsored by Anjon Water Gardens, Razorback Koi, GC Tek and members of the Gainesville Koi Club.

    Thanks, Bill, for being the show photographer extraordinaire!

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