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Thread: 3 50 gallon barrols of LAVA ROCKS

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    3 50 gallon barrols of LAVA ROCKS

    I just finished installing my new LAVA ROCK filtration system. The water comes in from the bottom of the first two barrels then goes to the third barrel from top to bottom. It sure is a lot cheaper than Momotaro media.

    I have a another revolutionary LAVA ROCK SYSTEM. but I ran out of pond $$$

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    Tategoi mtsklar's Avatar
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    Glad you are excited about it.. Consider checking your TDS after it has been running for a week. Then compare that to your tap water TDS.

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    Lava rocks

    the TDS in my pond has always been a little higher than the tap. But that is good advice I will check it.

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    Hi Luis,

    Are you using larva rocks as media for mechanical and biological filtration? Personnally, I would only use this media unsubmerged and with fairly clean water passing through it. Having this media submerged will cause buildup of settlements in their tiny pores which will eventually effect your water quality. Once those holes are clogged, it is nearly impossible to clean them.

    Like you, I also use the 55-gal barrels for most of the chambers in my filtration system which is composed of a settlement chamber(vortex with brushes), moving beds(kaldnes media), japanese mats, and trickle towers. In my trickle towers, I have baskets of larva rocks with strainers/seives on top to catch any debris that's passing through from the skimmer. Having clean water showering over each tower keeps the media free of settlements. It's been running for several years. The larva rock baskets are still spotless and I am very happy with my water quality. Larva rock is a very economical alternative to other filtration media, but it's limitted in applications.


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