Looks like I'll be getting 3 mini vortexes.
Need some advice on best way to install them!
I was thinking of removing my current trickle shower I have in place and stainless steel returns and to build a new trickle shower on the wall, will then have the water return for the stainless steel and old trickle shower feed thru the new 4 tier trickle shower. Then on the last tray I want to add a 110mm drain which will then feed thru to the 3 vortexes in parallel, these will then fill up via gravity and then return to the pond.
Would obviously have the vortexes just higher than the pond level but lower than the last trickle tier where the 110mm return will be installed.
The vortexes will be full of brushes or k1......want to add airstones into the vortexes as well.
1. Do you have alternative advice to offer, or a better method?
2. Is adding the vortexes into my filtration a worthwhile effort?
3. Pro and cons of a vortex?
I just basically want to add as much filtration as I can, believe rather too much than too little.......however I do ot want to create a maintenance nightmare for myself.
So any advice is apprectiated.
Currently my filtration consists of...
1 x Eco Touch Pump
2 x Waterflo Sand Filters
4 x 25litre Bio Pressure filters
3 x 15w UV lights
4 Tier 360litre trickle shower
160lpm airpump

From my 2 bottom drains I suck directly to my eco touch pump, then go thru the 2 sand filters (parallel), 1 sand filter feeds the trickle shower, the other sand filter feeds 2 lines, each line with 2 x 25l bio pressure filters and then to the stainless steel return and the other to a below water return.
Ideally I really want to take the 4 x 25l bio pressure filters out and rather just have the vortexes where I could aerate the media inside, only problem is I have a below water return and dont know how to pump to if I just have the vortexes.....so was thinking would probably put the 4 x 25l pressure filters on this single return with a split from the one sand filter.

Heres a pic of what I want to do....would appreciate any advice anyone can give?

Vortex Filtration advice needed-johannesburg-20111101-00359.jpg