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Thread: Filter & Pump for newbie

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    Filter & Pump for newbie

    Hello all

    Can you please look the pictures and give me advices of what can be made using this 33 gallons barell (previously used as water softener tanks) and a laguna filter box.

    Would it be too powerful if I use a max 3600 or max 4200 gph pump for 500 gallon pond using these barell ?

    For some reason, I could not upload these photos. Can someone tell me how to upload the photos and image of my own koi
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ex-Cabin-Crew View Post
    For some reason, I could not upload these photos. Can someone tell me how to upload the photos and image of my own koi
    I do not think you can directly "attach" photos from your computer on this forum.

    You need an URL when using the "Insert Image" yellow icon when composing a message.

    You can upload photos to your "User CP" photo album and link to them or upload photos to a free photo album service like Photobucket and them insert the photo URL with the "Insert Image" icon.

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    Yes you can make a very nice Updike or downflow filter from a 33 gallon barrel. Too much pump for a five hundred gallon pond. That would be turning over your pond 7 times an hour which is a bit extreme. Would need more info regarding the pond before recommending a pump. Prefilter, how high the water is lifted, etc.

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    The pond will be:
    8 ft in length
    3.5 ft wide
    3 ft deep
    I assume the pump will have to lift as high as 4-5 ft.

    I know it seems too high for 500 gallons to use 3600 gph pump, but I've heard good things about this brand name compare to other brand in term of durability, fixed power cost when running it.

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    Apr 2012
    What I have in plan, is to have the pump suck water to the barrel with round matala then pass it to my laguna box (bio filter)

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    I am not familiar with this equipment. It sounds as if it is much too much for the pond, unless you are wanting just a waterfall and a lot of turbulence. What do you propose to keep in the pond? It is not large enough to raise koi to maturity. I think you need to decide on your goal, and then design a system that suits your purpose.

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    Apr 2012
    I am thinking of getting a sequence pump 750 (3600gph or 4200gph).

    You are saying this pump will create a turbulence inside the pond? Can I use a T to adjust output/input of the water?

    No, I am not planning to have a waterfall and plan to keep as handful as possible depending their sizes, all I want is to have medium size high quality Japanese koi from reputable breeder

    Any advices are welcome , thank you all

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