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Thread: do all koi have barbels? whiskers

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    do all koi have barbels? whiskers

    i have some koi and goldfish in my pond want to take out the goldfish want to make sure do all koi have whiskers or some and do goldfish have them
    should i leave my shubunkin

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    When in doubt...........take it out!

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    Koi are 'supposed to' have whiskers. And naturally the vast majority do. It is one of the fundamental physical traits of koi. And so the Japanese association ZNA, the International club that created the first judging standards that all other koi organizations follow, required early on that all show koi have whiskers or barbels. In fact, a great koi missing whiskers can loose and not even be judged in some cases.
    Still, any animal that has 149,999 brothers and sisters is prone to deformities and birth defects, big time. And it is not uncommon to see pet koi with one or two missing barbels- or badly deformed barbels. Or even too many barbels!
    Koi will inbreed with goldfish however, in a flock spawning situation. And this can create hybrids that have no barbels. We usually say that a fish without barbels is always a goldfish. But a hybrid can look all the world like a koi until it comes to the whiskers. In those cases, by the way, you can see other features of hybrid traits-- such as a goldfish type body if you study the fish closely. JR

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