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Thread: 60L Hospital Tank

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    60L Hospital Tank

    As well as my pampered main pond I also have a larger lightly stocked more natural pond with a few goldfish and chagoi. Nothing to interest anybody on here. But when the ice melted this spring, one of them had an ulcer behind its eye. This got bigger and the fish promptly swelled (see why it's described as pine coning). It was about twice its usual width and even my wife noticed it was ill. It stopped swimming and sat waiting to die on the bottom.

    I couldn't put it in my heated pond because of disease and as it was so very ill, I was going to euthanase it. Hospital tanks are a huge fuss and especially with filtration. But as it was almost dead anyway, I thought I'd try a little experiment.

    I had a 60L plastic tub. I filled this with water from my heated pond at 20c (the other pond is 7c at present), put in an air stone and an aquarium heater at 20c. The chagoi sulked at the bottom in the garage. I left it without any filtration (always the difficult bit) and changed the water every two days. It has now been in there for two weeks. I put in 0.5% salt to help it osmotically and dissolved antibiotics in the water as I didn't wish to anaethetise and inject it.

    After two weeks it has started to feed hungrily. The ulcer is nearly healed and I have to watch it doesn't jump out. I'll be interested to see if I can re-establish it in the cold pond, so saga not over yet.

    But it would appear that I've nursed it back to health without having to establish a separate filter which was more trouble than it was worth.

    Just thought I'd share the experience. Not something you might wish to try with your $5000 prize Kohaku.

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    Do not put it back in the cold pond... not until it is closer to the temperature in your hospital tank. I'll leave to others how chilly it might be able to take. I'm thinking 15C.

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