It seems to me that some people here, unkoi-like and unkoi-bito-like, are picking on a person who obviously meant well. He impresses me as less a beginning koi keeper so much as a beginning writer. But as he so eloquently said, koi are our friends. We keep their water and they keep our peace.

Mike M has a good point that if new people with garden ponds knew at some stage how expensive it is to do a koi pond right, unless firmly hooked they would not do it. Beyond that, if they knew how easy it is to maintain a properly designed koi pond and the satisfactions of it, they would surely do it.

Do beginners have to fall in love with koi, their beauty, their personalitys, and then kill of most of them to get their attention? Unfortunately many do. It is then they seek knowledge of how to do it right so their hearts don't get broken again.