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Thread: Sanity Check Please

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    Interesting Bancherd. I thought that was what you meant originally but most of the pond set ups I am familiar with return water at midlevel in to the pond. Apparantly you feel there is an advantage rather than just pulling off the bottom and from skimmers. Do you or other readers on the board now have ponds where you are pulling water from the pond at midlevel? If so, why do you feel this is more effecient ?

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    Ruth, I have a midlevel water pickup I have a bead filter on it that captures unsettleable solids in the water column, as much as two Answers per hour at a fraction of the cost and no screen clogging. I just backflush it every day because it's purpose is solids capture and disposal.

    Blanchard, you will test one of these lift tubes for actual output before you install the things, won't you? We need Rich to come over here. He has already tested many pipe sizes and cubic feet per minute air inputs for GPH.

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