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Thread: Removing metals from the water

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    Removing metals from the water

    A friend of mine has had his pond water checked and his readings for zinc & copper are much higher than what is allowed for fish. I am quite worried about this as I am on the same supply as him. ( no wonder he has no blanketweed) He is currently experiencing problems with wounds not healing and fish being generally off colour.I have asked him to get his supply water checked before & after a new purifiier he has recently installed. Are there any quick fixes until this problem can be resolved like adding sodium thiosulphate. To make matters worse we live in a soft water area so he could raise G.H. levels which could help but don,t have any chemicals such as calcium chloride or epsom salts at hand. I might be thinking of RO again even though my TDS out of the tap is only 70ppm.

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