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Thread: Help with Koi Pond- New Owner

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    Help with Koi Pond- New Owner

    We have recently moved into a new residence in Central New Jersey. The new house has a koi pond fish with the following specs:

    - 1000 galleon pond with gravel on the bottom
    - 3 waterfalls
    - 2 oxygen pumps submerged in the water
    - UV light in the back (attached to filter)
    - Currently, 9 koi (6 other ones died due to a faulty water change, another one died after a heavy rainstorm)
    - Recently, we bought 4 "red" plants to battle the phosphates.

    We are having serious problems with maintaining the water chemistry and we are constantly worried about the fish's health. While the previous owner had a detailed and specific schedule, we have been told he was not doing things right and it was only a matter of time before the fish's health was effected.

    When I measured the water chemistry this morning, it read:

    Phosphates: Were high, around 5, were told it should be around 0.
    pH: 6.5 in the morning. Fluncutates throughout the day, but not by much.
    Nitrates/ammonia: on point and stable.

    Our care of the fish consists of feeding them a mixture of koi food and cheerios, about a handful each day (as much as they can eat in 5 minutes). We only add enzymes/bacteria/chemicals, when doing water changes.

    We are very worried that we are not doing something right. Also, the high level of phosphate has us worried.

    If anyone can provide us with details on how to take care of the fish, as well as ensure that they are healthy and happy, that would be wonderful. If any more information is needed, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Attached are some pictures of our pond (Along with some weird white spots on the big red fish which we are concerned about)

    Thank you for your time and help!


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    HI, I live in NJ,,,sorry your having this trouble. Are you above or below Trenton? I am below. I can't see your pics. Did you say you posted some? Joyce

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    What are you using to test the water??? What do you mean by phosphates? And your PH is too low. Have you tested your source water so you know what your starting with? Joyce

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