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Thread: diy filters

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    Fry mickkoi's Avatar
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    Dec 2003

    diy filters

    is it possible to use three or four large barells to make a filter i have the idea of connecting the bottom drain to the first barrell and then connect from top to bottom using four inch tank connectors. the return would be two inch pipe from a external pump. main pond 2000 gallons not heavally
    stocked. any help!

    :? thanks all

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    Dec 2003
    West Virginia, USA
    Hi mickkoi,
    Yes you can do it - but don't go any smaller than 4in. It is hard to get a 4in. bulkhead fitting to seal properly. Maybe uniseals would work better?
    DIY are functional but our experience is that by the time you buy all the fittings it would be cheaper in the long run to buy a ready made filter. Purgeing the barrell can be a problem in that it is hard to get all the stough out of the bottom. We ended up going ahead and spending the money for ready made in the long run.

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    Fry mickkoi's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    thanks for that ruth its hard to know the way to go i just had the idea of making it all myself but you are correct in saying by the time i have done this it would be cheaper to buy one. the thing is would it be better or what i have in mind holding a lot more water and media be better a lot more reserch and planning i think.

    thanks mick

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    Dec 2003
    have you got the room to use concrete blocks and fiberglass? if so this would be the way to go if not as ruth said by the time you have bought all the fittings ect it aint worth the hassle ,

    rick j

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    Nisai paulw's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    id have a look round the forums at the for sale sections you can get some good filters for sale also another place you could try is ebay or do as rick has said build fibre glass to your own spec.
    holding alot of media is good if you get media with good surface area for bacteria to colonize.


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