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Thread: mud pond_clay thickness

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    mud pond_clay thickness

    when digging a mud pond and course not finding clay as high as i would like to.so wondering how thick i need to pack sides with clay to hold water

    really do not want the water 3 feet lower then the banks are around it.sure it would be fine but this mud pond also needs to have landscape appeal also

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    1 foot minimum for a pond up to 8 feet deep.

    Make sure you trench the length of the bottom to at least 3 feet deep ( core trench) and then repack and roll it down hard with good clay or it may leak. It's best to compact it in 6 inch thick layers as you go.
    It may seem an odd thing to do to disturb the base but until you do the trench you won't know if there is an uneven clay bed that will cause leaks or a sandy or shale section that will cause issues. Better to dig the trench and pack it with good clay first and then you will know there are no issues with it in future.
    Put any extra clay aside so that once that is done you can clay and roll the sides.

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