Several questions came to mind when I looked at the pictures that RobF posted of the Momotaro gosanke available for auction. The first thing that crossed my mind was how ALL of them had the 'torpedo shaped' body that we all desire. That's when questions started popping up left and right:

1. If we as hobbyists were to purchase all of these koi from Maeda-san when they were tosai, would we be able to develop similar bodies?

2. Aside from having a mud pond during summer months, what else are breeders doing differently than hobbyists that allow them to achieve such great bodies in their koi?

3. We often discussed koi development as a three-legged stool consisting of genetics, water quality and diet. My question to all of you is, are these legs the same length? In other words, are they are equally important? Or is one more important than the others?

4. Although all of these koi have the convexed torpedo-shaped bodies that we all desire, there are definitely minor differences in the body shapes. Which body shape do you like most and why?

5. What can we as hobbyists do to maintain the bodies of these koi?

Below is a link to a Youtube video of Momotaro doing their final tosai selection. Look at the massive shower filtration and how the water looks like it's boiling in the holding pond!

Momotaro Koi Farm - Jumbo Tosai Tategoi Selection - Koibito Japan - YouTube

Body-wise, my favorites are: Male Kohaku #3, Male Kohaku #7, Female Kohaku #3, Female Sanke # 15 and Male Showa #3.