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Thread: A pond with a flow

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    A pond with a flow

    I have always had the piping where it leaves the filter then splits one going to the waterfall and the other going back into the pond roughly half way down. I opened the valve again and noticed the kids are in the water flow and not just sitting on the bottom. Is this water flow ok for them or should they be sitting on the bottom. I like that they are being active even with the colder water temps.

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    Nishikigoi are riverine carp. Depth and current are very positive things to give koi a chance to exercise their muscles and swim bladder. These are some of the aspects that separate koi ponds from the still shallow waters of a water garden. Also a good current(s) help move detritus to the drains and skimmers. Alll good.

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    I have yet to ever hear that a pond has too much flow in it. If the plumbing was just opened up the koi may be in the stream for a few reasons. It might be that they are getting the warmth from that spot for whatever reason. Might be that they are curious. Might be that they are enjoying an increase in oxygen. Might be that they are 'sensing' a food source from that area. Might be because the skin is irritated and it is soothing to have flow across it. In my pond I shut off the shower circuit on particularly cold nights with a bypass that is plumbed as a simple return. When I do this, the koi are spooked for five minutes. Then curious for a couple hours. Then indifferent! I know that my koi like to play in the bubbles and the Ochiba is always lookin for something to get into. Sometimes they are just curious to change.

    But do keep an eye out. I know you recently had gotten some new koi but I don't know if you;ve added them yet. If so, keep and eye out for them scratching, darting, or lining up motionless in the current. But they are probably just being koi...

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    lake stevens, washington
    All great pointers. I have added the newbie to the pond. Been watching them daily and so far just swimming around and nibbling the rocks and walls

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    I think the committed hobbyist should spend some serious time investigating his/her source water parameters. You'd be surprised that when I ask people at koi shows about this, so many with fine show fish have no idea of the parameters of their source water. That's not smart. You should know not only the pH of your source water, you should know if it contains gases ( like carbon dioxide or heaven forbid, Nitrogen), any nitrAte, chemicals, heavy metals and oxygen levels. Spending on a battery of tests is actually a good investment. But if you are the investigator type you can do most of the simple tests yourself.
    When it comes to introducing source water 24 hours a day, you REALLY need to know your water and be on your game! There was a great series of articles in the old NI magazine called " the eve of distruction" telling of a magnificiant collection wiped out by 'town water' during the night. I knew the hobbyists and he had some of the better fish in the UK back then-- such a waste. In his case the town was dosing for bacteria in the water and placed in chemicals ( which is not uncommon for towns and cities to due at certain times of the year to assure 'dead water', instead we can experience 'dead koi' if a flow is 24 hours a day)
    I once had a group of Japanese visiting my home. Kato San, a small breeder, a dealer and two other Japanese judges. They enjoyed my pond until they saw we introducing water from the tap-- " very bad" was the comment. this seemed stange to me as I had been to Japan dozens of times and most breeders used source water as a flush or drip in the 'overflow' style. The point the visitors were making is that well water, introdcued underwater is an unknown.
    The key to introducing source water, I think, is to do it away from the fish and also in the presence of moving water and air. This can be accomplished in many ways-- towers, streams, bog areas, sprayed over a header pond etc. Oxygen and air are your number one ally in this battle for safe source water as most trapped gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen can be removed from water over a 20-25 feet length of stream. The towers I used are 8 feet tall ( 4 in told count) and NOTHING is present once the source water is trickled over them. A retention or header pond is also a nice luxury if you have the room as not only will the dwell time allow for gas escape, it will also help neutralize temperature and pH variation as the new blends with the old.
    I mentioned in another Sunday Ramble, the issue of G.A.S. a condition of stress. Water change is one of those those things that can be the very best thing you can do or the very worst thing you can do! Worse, in that, unfriendly source water may not kill koi outright but it absolutely can be a low level chronic stressor leading to secondary issues like explosive parasite problems and random infections, fin rot and the like. This is all due to the low resistance brought about by chronic stress from harsh source water issues. JR

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