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Thread: 55 lbs "silver chagoi"

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    A future show to be defined soon....

    55 lbs "silver chagoi"

    Alabama angler's monstrous striped bass is one for the record books

    a record triped bass ... Not quite a silver chagoi ;-))

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    what we can learn about Carp from striped bass

    the 'stripper' is an old friend. As a teen I would work all day at the New Jersey shore cutting grass along the highways. And when the whistle blew, I would race home to prepare for THE event of the day-- surf fishing off the jetties that jutted out into the ocean and allowed for that special cast to the 'sweet spot' where monster stripers hunted the bait fish. There, in the splender of nature, I relaxed watching the blue green water and the sky flooded with mixtures of reds and oranges, and in a flash, we would do battle-- that striper and I. No catch and release laws back then and no PCBs. Still, I would only take what I could eat and released the rest. It was a wonderful time in life.

    The striper is a very handsome fish with just enough color to make it stunning and just enough 'conformation' to convey to the observe that this fish is no whimp! And to this day I keep natural forms of zebra danio as they remind me of the striper racing to take the bait as colors of silver, black, green and blue ripple down its side.

    One of the more amazing trivia facts about the striper is the fact that does well in both fresh AND saltwater environments. This amazes me. Until I remind myself that carp in their natural home waters actually live in brackish waters of the inland seas. In fact, carp can be found with many saltwater and brackish water species. Lots of marine species will move to freshwater or brackish water to shed parasites. Its as if they know and understand the laws of osmosis! The striper is one of those species. But in truth, man has created many individual freshwater specimens. Still, the big ones are creatures of the ocean.
    Some day, I go home to the days of chasing the striper. Best, JR

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