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Thread: How Times Change: Koi History

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
    We may never know the true origin of carp in Japan. However it occurred, to the people involved it was not so important as to record the moment. For me, the more interesting question is why development of ornamental fish occurred in Asia (and koi in particular in Niigata), and not in the West. Aquaculture can be traced back at least to the Romans, so it was not due to a lack of opportunity. It seems to reflect a fundamental cultural difference. The development of goldfish is even more strange. The idea of raising carp for food and selecting pretty ones to breed makes sense. Focusing on the small goldfish and developing all sorts of deformities is strange to my mind.
    Yes, it is important to give due credit to the Japanese for development of Nishikigoi. The West might have focused on finnage (or Gin Rin).

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    Quote Originally Posted by RayJordan View Post
    I have read that a few hundred years ago there was a great drought in that area and the stream and rivers dried up. A small lake/pond was used to keep the parent carp alive from a number of family carp farms. This would have farther isolated and concentrated a pool of genetics that had brighter colors and even primitive "patterns". When the drought ended the surviving carp were reclaimed by the families that placed the fish into the lake/pond. There were among these survivors a number of carp that had red bellies and it is believed by many of the older breeders that these red bellied magoi were the foundation stock for today's nishikigoi.
    Very interesting. This certainly would have sped up the process of allowing recessive traits to appear.

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