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Thread: Visit with Matt and new addition

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    May 2005
    A future show to be defined soon....
    Quote Originally Posted by Eugeneg View Post
    On the way down to Orlando had a visit with Matt. We had our lunch in the new sales and meeting room. A very pleasant temperature in ultra state of the art building.
    Here are some photos:
    Very nice. Looks like Momotaro facility indeed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dizzyfish View Post
    Nisai Koi Farm is progressing nicely. Matt is on the verge of something big........literally. A 37" plus Sanke owned by MikeM and a 42" Chagoi owned by Henry C. are only the beginning. Kudos Matt.
    Very impressive fish but the monster of a chagoi is 12 year old. It is the tosai at the farm that
    impressed me. A breeder is only as good as his last performence. [ would say that Quality koi and Purdin are both there and to be congratulated. It took two Brits to put US on the Koi map

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