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Thread: Understanding String Algae

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    Very good thread MikeM. Thank you for educating us.

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    Jul 2009
    I have not been by this forum in a very long time, but a fellow ponder pointed me to the link for this thread. I am glad that I dropped in. Mike, you have compiled a very useful resource of "current thinking" on the subject of string algae, to the benefit of many others. Thanks for going to the trouble of posting all of this information.

    BTW, I was also quite intrigued by Dr. Adey's recommendation/research of ATS, so much so that I actually did build one as part of my own koi pond filter system. Long-story short: the pond grew green water very well, but significant *turf* algae (Adey's term for it) never cultivated upon my scrubber surfaces. Mine was only lit by the sun -- no artificial lighting -- so that may have played a significant role in my lack of success with the concept.

    Thanks again for sharing the information of this thread.


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    Good to hear from you, Paul.

    Sunlight should have been intense enough, but turf scrubbers have proved impractical/unreliable for the bulk of folks who have attempted them.

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