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Thread: Medication product.

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    Medication product.

    Hi , i was looking to get some products to treat fish injury or ulcer and right now , i have Melafix,Pimafix,Fungus cure,Blue methylene, iodine tincture and salt.

    I saw that other people use denture powder and neosporine but i wanted to know what should i get beside what i already have since i know that im missing products but don't know which ones.

    Thank You

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    save the $20 bottle of this and the $30 bottle of that and reinvest into better filtration or better pumps or water changes or???
    just do a good look at your whole system right down to feeding and stocking levels and then do not have to worry about having so many different products to aid in recover just look at prevention

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    Short term to treat ulcers, gently capture the fish and knock them out with oil of cloves or MS-222. Then bath them in tri-cide neo to break down the bascteria walls. Hit them with an IM dose of Batril (according to their weight). Put them back in the pond and gently move them back and forth until they awake.

    Now ask yourself just why there are injuries and ulcers? Water quality is a very likely problem as it stresses the koi and impairs their immune response (just like humans). Related to the water quality problems can be pond design and maintenance. If you have rock and gravel pond without bottom drains, the rotting detritus will lower the water quality. Also the rocks provide a means for the fish to injure themselves. Bad karma. So if you have an aquascrape type pond, consider a redesign.

    There there may be parasites...especially you are bringing in new fish without QTing them, scraping and scoping for parasites, and using the treatment protocols particular to the discovered parasites.

    Bottom line....prevention is the best cure.
    Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.

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    Thanks , the filtration is more than what is needed but my concern was when they spawn sometime they get injured so i just wanted to have what is needed in case.


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