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Thread: Roseberg Grand Champ.fry from showtank spawn

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    Roseberg Grand Champ.fry from showtank spawn

    I was at the Roseburg koi show on June 8, 9 this year.The Grand Champ.spawned with her tank mate and I along with many others took home some eggs. I have aprox 50 fry I am raising.I have no idea how to cull Sanke. Any one elce have any fry from that particular spawn.? I would love to compare notes .
    Also...I have been feeding the fry, harvesting rotifers from my pond bog plants, they are eating ground koi food now too. My question is, could my fry have flukes, they are flashing when they eat...or is this just jumpy fry eating movements. I was thinking of using prazzi but am umsure if it would b safe on fry.

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    It is certainly possible your fry could have flukes, but if the flukes were causing them to flash, you wouldn't expect it would only happen when they eat. Best way to know is to catch one and scrape it and look at the slime and a scale or two under a microscope. I would pick one to examine that looks like a cull since you could injure it. Prazi should be safe enough but I wouldn't waste my money unless I was sure they had flukes. Have any died? Sounds a bit like they are just excited to be eating. First cull is all white, all orange, and too much black. Were both parent koi sanke?

    I should add to cull any with obvious deformities like off-set tail, crooked body, or missing gill cover.
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    Do the fish flash at any other time or only with eating? Fish do flash when eating because bits of food get stuck in their gills. If they are flashing at other times, it is more likely due to water quality or parasites. Can you scrape & scope them?

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    Honmei ricshaw's Avatar
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    The Story of li'l Hal

    A story about a Koi show spawning.

    The Story of li'l Hal

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    grand champ show spawn fry

    All were Snake. Dainichi female Momentaro male. They only flash during feedings .Thank You for feedback about culling and prazzi. I still hope to speak to someone else who took home some of the spawn.

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    Thumbs up li'l hal

    Also thank you ricshaw for the story about li l Hal. LLoved reading about someone elces expirament

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