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Thread: Who (else) is coming to Dallas Koi Show/

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    Who (else) is coming to Dallas Koi Show/

    Saw in another thread that Loco4koi is coming to Dallas Koi Show, so who else? Also, that was excellent advice from all who contributed info to him about going to a show! The show this year (Aug 30 - Sept 1) is again at Bass Pro Grapevine, TX. 5 minutes from the airport and across the street from the largest (Naturally . . . it's Texas!) Outlet Mall in the country. The Mall also has several quality restaurants and attractions such as a large Aquarium in the facility. The hotel for the show is the Marriott Suites, 50 yards across the parking lot from Bass Pro and it is an all suites hotel with club rates of $99 plus per night. Bass Pro donates the entire outdoor boat pavilion to us each year for the tanks and Vendors setup. The hobbyists tanks and Koi vendor spaces are sold out but we still have room for a few "dry" vendors. Some award sponsorships are available . . .see our website for details at www.dallaskoikichi.org. We have added a few new features this year: a row of banners with pictures of past Champions and their owners from 2005 to present and increased the already high levels of bio-security. Also this year we have formed the Dallas "posse" of the San Antonio based World Famous Texas Koi Wranglers! The posse consists of club members selected for their koi handling skills and bio-security awareness. All benching and Koi handling during the show will be done only by the Wranglers. The judges this year are Bryan Bateman (head judge) with Mike Frady and Dr. Richard Porter. Hope to see you there, it's a great vacation spot with the annual Grapevine Wine Fest going just a few blocks away!

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    Hi Koikichejmw,

    I would be much thankful if you can let me know if there are any koi shops in Texas , that sell Koi Medication like Supaverm, Flubendazole , Proform C and other medications. I am from India, and have a friend staying in Dallas , who is willing to send me some of the koi medications that we dont get in India. Hence , I can let him the know the web sites of any such outlets that are in Texas. Will be much grateful for the help.


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