i would like to present a new 20M3 pump with extremely low electric consumption for Koi Ponds filtraiton Systems. We manage to get a 5.5w per M3/H electric consumption and still have plenty of power. this was achieved by optimizing the shape and positioning of the Propeller and reducing the friction to the absolute Minimum. The Motor used is a AC>DC conversion electronic Motor with 6 Poles. The Fathom-II has same capacity but can be reduced in capacity and consumption as follows: 100% 75% and 50% and on automatic it will make a Loop of the 3 capacities (which is interesting in Marine Aquariums) here a comparision - left Fathom-I +20M3 110W and left LP-22000 from Jebao 175W Fathom Pumpe - YouTube and one more Fathom-I Propeller Pump - YouTube