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Thread: what do y'all think of these two fish?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
    Following up on Dick's comment....

    Nobody can answer the question of whether a koi is worth its space in the pond except the pond owner. The worst koi in my pond is an aged Hariwake that hatched in a lily pond I had. That was 20 years ago. She was never a great koi. She ranked as a 'pretty pond fish' at her best, which was many years ago. She has been a not so pretty pond fish for many years. But, if I could only have one koi, it would be her. She survived my learning curve. My daughter loved her when she was a hatchling. I know her every move. And, I think, she knows mine. She reminds me of my failures and successes. And, she reminds me that in the post World War II period in Japan, she would have been considered a grand jumbo koi at 80cm. Koi have greatly improved over those years, but each is magnificent in their own right. Each deserves the best care the koikeeper can provide.
    I only have one fish with a name..."koin" my son and I cashed in a bucket of coins to buy him at the lfs for $25... he was true ugly ... but my son picked him out,,, luckily he doesn't look half bad now..lol..he's 18"... grew 13" in a year... the other one was our very first fish... my wife picked him out.. an orange speckled longfin that grew 12" it's first year. These two fish have a "forever home" with us... the kujaku pictured earlier is probably the only other one I'm emotionally attached to, because it won my my first koi prize. The funny thing is,, Koin seems to be most favored by visitors.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails what do y'all think of these two fish?-attachment-13.jpeg   what do y'all think of these two fish?-attachment-15.jpeg   what do y'all think of these two fish?-attachment-14.jpeg   what do y'all think of these two fish?-attachment-22.jpeg  

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    Hi Loco if Koin is the first 2 pics , he may still become more interesting, yes never show class but so what !
    Keep it and hope a bit of GIN breaks out. Fins nice and white and a good 'zipper'.
    Same about the head looks like he will develop Kuchi Beni.
    I had a very nice Shusui named rudolph , because of his red nose ! Deep matt blue , with bright silver scales ( as on a mono ) Loved that fish !
    Still plenty of time to grow, love him feed him well and enjoy him!

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