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Thread: Transporting large koi

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricshaw View Post
    The reason I said; "Use a transport tank" is because I have watch some people bring the big girls to a Koi show this way. No need for pure oxygen, regular air with air stones works fine.
    Based on our dealers experience on transporting by land several kois placed in this transport tank for more than six hours, the use of oxygen really helps as compared when he just used ordinary air with airstones. With just Regular air the kois feel weak and stressed out from the long land journey. Take note that the temperature during travel at night would be at around 26 to 28C and travel at the morning would even be more stressful to the kois since it would be a lot hotter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hewhoisatpeace View Post
    Use Elbagin?
    YES Elbagin is used to transport Koi in JAPAN. AND has been for some time.

    Strictly speaking it is not a sedative , more of a treatment for wounds but one of the side effects is its calming of Koi.

    I would use this an hour before bagging starts, this will stop jumping or bruising, damage to scales etc.

    Low dosage of a sedative prior to bagging then bag in clean water will give a long effect, sedation over a long period ie 4 -10 hr not a good idea.
    Most sedatives put the fish 'under ' deeper over a period of time.

    SEDATIVES ADD UP OVER TIME ! The longer a koi is in the sedated water the more it will absorb. SORRY FOR THAT.
    Kusuri Masuizai is a good starting point sedative ( sadly they still use mixed measurements 10ml to 2 gallons )


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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbysuzanna View Post
    Recently, there have been some very good articles on transporting koi to and from shows, but my concern is the really big fish, greater than 30 inches.
    I was hoping to take my tancho to some of the bigger shows next year like Orlando or the ZNA Potomac, but she is now over 30 inches and I've heard that the big girls don't travel as well.
    In the past, I have taken her to shows utilizing water treated with chloramx and bag buddies in a large cooler, double bagged with some ice bags to keep the temperature down, any other ideas?
    After seeing Flounder's post about losing a 32 inch kohaku only four hours from home, it gives me pause.
    These shows will be a good 6-8 hours from my home in Charlotte, maybe just stay closer to home?
    In my opinion it is much safer to double bag large koi and transport in large coolers vs transport tank. Cooler needs to be at least 6 inches longer than koi and bags need to be at least 18 inches longer. Sounds like you need the 24 inch by 60 inch bags and a cooler that is 38 inches or longer inside dimension. Coolers should be transported sideways to direction of travel to prevent bruising noses or breaking tail fin. Coolers also do a better job of temperature control and keep the koi in the dark and less stressed during travel. Also if there were a leak, the water and oxygen remain inside the cooler as life support for koi. For trips longer than about 4-5 hours I would use "new" water that has been aeriated for several hours and dechlorinated. Pond water starts to deteriorate fairly rapidly because of high organics and bacteria present vs. the more sterile chlorinated city water. Make sure the new water has been properly dechlorinated by using a pond chlorine test kit. Add just enough dechlorinated water to allow the koi to float comfortably so it doesn't rub it's belly on the bottom of the bag. Squeeze out all the air possible to fill with pure oxygen. Ideally you want at least 60% of bag to be oxygen. I like to add a disinfectant like elbagin. Make a solution of 1 gram of elbagin to 24 oz of water. Add 3 ounces of this solution per large bag of koi. I do not like to add an ammonia binder as there is a elegant chemical balance occuring in the closed bag. CO2 generated by the fish transforms into a acid and lowers the pH at the same time/rate that your koi are excreting ammonia. The lower pH created from this acid transforms the ammonia into ammonium and this creates a healthy environment in the transport bag. Koi are shipped from Japan and routinely are in transport bags over 30 hours and arrive in good shape so 6-8 hours is a fairly easy transport. We have some local club members that drive koi from San Antonio to Orlando and their koi are bagged at least 20 hours each way which no major issues.

    When returning home the show should provide "new" transport water for you to use vs the water in your show tank. Remember to bring enough elbagin solution to add to the bag water for the homeward trip.
    Disclosure:These opinions are based on my experience and conversations with persons I consider accomplished koi keepers and do not reflect the viewpoint of any organization.

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    in response to a post I made about using Elbagin, HenryC posted:

    Elbagin for Transport

    Henry Culpepper 4 March 2008

    7 hours should be no problem. I assume you stopped feeding already, if not STOP!

    I do not use the "pinch" of Elbagin measurement. I mix up 0.5 gram of Elbagin in 16oz of water then add 2oz of that solution to the smaller bags and 3oz for the big girls. In my experience, Elbagin does make a big difference on how calm they are during transport.

    Also, once you have them bagged, put them in a box and close it up so that it is completely dark inside. That will help calm them down as well.

    For the Atlanta show, my 83cm Showa and 75cm Kohaku were bagged up for close to 8 hours and they showed no sign of stress.

    When you get to the show site, we will be there to help you unload if needed.

    See you at the show, Henry
    Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.

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