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Thread: Feeding Styles - Males vs female

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    Jumbo Akai-San's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
    .......The females have a lot more growing to do to reach full size... length and girth, so it is understandable that they consume more. BTW, see if you observe a difference between female Sanke and female Showa in how long they stay at the surface eating.
    Sounds fun! But I have say that I'm at maximum capacity for my little setup. I'd love to find a female Sanke that I could afford. The Sanke breed used to be my favorite variety until I found out how difficult it was to find one that I liked (in my price range). Mike, care to give me/us a hint of who is the Queen vacuum cleaner? I'm guessing the Sanke are "Miss Piggy". Got video?

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    I have not noticed a difference among varieties in the amount consumed. There is a difference among individuals, which does not always relate to how bulky they become. Some naturally thinner koi stay on the thin side although consuming as much as (or even more than) a koi with real bulk. And, some koi seem to stay bulky even though not consuming as much as most of the others. Sort of like people pre-disposed to be heavy or thin.

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    My best eater is a male shiro utsuri stuck at 14"...

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