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Thread: Who's the breeder?

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    Honmei ricshaw's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
    For the U.S. hobbyist looking for tosai or nisai gosanke priced below, say, $1,000, those available from the leading U.S. breeders will fully meet the buyer's goals and provide sufficient selection so that pattern preferences and such can be satisfied. At higher pricing levels, koi are available but the volume is necessarily limited, so personal preferences are not so readily met.
    It is different on the U.S. West Coast. Imported Japanese Koi fill the above goals. West Coast hobbyist do not see leading U.S. domestic bred Koi for sale at Koi dealers.

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    The fish that does it for me out of this collection is the showa. The sumi quality is right up there but what attracts me is the beni. Purdin does a wonderful job with their gosanke. This year, in of all places ( oklahoma) I've been spending time getting acquainted with Kleinholz koi farms. So pleased to see passionate american breeders doing a mighty fine job of closing the gap.

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by ricshaw View Post
    It is different on the U.S. West Coast. Imported Japanese Koi fill the above goals. West Coast hobbyist do not see leading U.S. domestic bred Koi for sale at Koi dealers.
    Good point. And, it is not just on the West Coast. U.S. dealers generally do not carry individually priced domestic-bred koi. They are too invested in imports.

    Gardankoi set up as a Purdin dealer on the east coast... a rather limited operation. And, Purdin has been exporting to the UK. Otherwise, I'm not aware of dealers marketing U.S.-bred koi. (I am aware of a couple of occasions in the past where U.S.-bred koi were sold by a well-known dealer without any reference to the breeder or source of the koi.) The lack of dealer involvement (and the promotion that goes with it), is a major limiting factor in the marketing of the better quality U.S.-bred koi. It is left to the hobbyist to seek out the breeder, rely on photos and the internet, or be lucky that the breeder becomes a vendor at a local show and happens to have brought koi aligned with the hobbyist's interest. The role of the breeder is very different from the role of salesman. It is difficult to combine the roles. The consumer reacts differently to a dealer raving about a breeder's accomplishment, and the breeder saying the same things about himself.

    Some day a well-regarded 'name dealer' will break out of the crowd and begin openly carrying one or two individually priced domestic-bred koi. When that time comes, I expect it will be a high-end koi promoted as such an accomplishment that 'we have made a special arrangement with [insert name of breeder] and are making an exception to our usual policy of carrying only koi bred in Japan in order to make this special koi available to our customers.' It's that sort of promotion by the leading dealers around the country that will alter the market for domestic-bred koi.

    ...Look at what Waddington did for Hasegawa Kohaku 20 years ago. Hasegawa was a 'nobody' in Japan who bred nice, but unremarkable Kohaku which could be sold at retail at a fair price with a nice margin. Hasegawa became a well-known name in the English-speaking world while remaining unknown in Japan, and certainly not in demand in the Japanese market. That was what effective dealer marketing can do for a breeder located in Japan. It's tougher when the last name is McSomething with a rural zipcode, even if the accomplishment is actually much greater.
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    Nisai Benkei's Avatar
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    The sumi on the showa is different from the sumi Ive seen in the past on Purdin's koi. It looks more like Sakai Hiroshima sumi to me. I know Bill showed me a male they had from that lineage like 2 yrs ago, but it was for sale.

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