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Thread: Haiyan

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    My friends in the Philippines I hope you are all fine and recovering from this typhoon. My friends and fellow hobbiest in Vietnam please brace yourself for this horrific typhoon it has devasted the Philippines and is heading your way this weekend. Best of Luck and stay safe.

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    Tategoi bobbysuzanna's Avatar
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    Charlotte NC
    Amen!! Thoughts and prayers to all.

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    Thank you for your prayers and concerns. At first people here thought that despite the storm was the strongest ever in history to hit landfall, there would be minimal casualties as the category 5 storm passed by very fast. It is only after the storm has passed and power and communication lines has been slowly reestablished has the devastation and casualties dawned to everyone here that this storm will probably considered here as the worst storm ever in terms of the sheer power of the storm but also the casualties the storm has done.I pray for my countrymen who have been victims and pray also that the storm spare the lives of other people in other countries that this powerful storm will pass.

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    It is good to see you and Yerrag are posting. It is so difficult to deal with these disasters. We can only hope there is no more loss of life and that the recovery is swift.

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    Oyagoi yerrag's Avatar
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    Manila, Philippines
    Haiyan, or Yolanda as this typhoon is named in the Philippines, spared Metro Manila but the path it went thru, most especially Tacloban and Leyte, bore the brunt of its intensity. According to CNN, this was 3.5 stronger than Hurricane Katrina. It went by quickly, heading towards the West Philippine Sea. I grieve the heavy loss of lives, even as I am relieved it spared the rest of the archipelago. Thank you for your words of concern and support. Hoping and praying Haiyan ceases its fury.

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    seattle, wa
    I have close friends with relatives in the direct path. because of the devastion no word on survivors is getting out. making it difficult for anxious relatives. Same initially with Vietnam. Thoughts and prayers their way....

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    This is just devastating to watch. I have been following it on CNN, and the damage is just unimaginable. My thought and prayers go out to the vicitims.

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