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Thread: Sakura

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnorth View Post
    We switched our show to fall in line with the REST OF THE WORLD and we're the ones with the "Do as you please, I don't give a shit attitude"??

    What are you talking about? Old guard not changing? Its the old guard that came up with size 1 size 2 blah blah blah...I'm actually advocating change to BU so that we standardize with the rest of the world because we are all in the hobby together...the hobby is worldwide not just here in the USA. Here is the difference though...if your club doesn't want to use BU that's cool with me I'm not going to rant about it on a koi board.

    Deja vu?? I feel like we have had this conversation. Heres how it ended...I'm 42 and you are like 40 or something so the whole "I'm the face of the hobby" thing means nothing to me.

    I can and will refute that. ZNA Potomac has seen a steady increase in numbers over the last 7 years that I have been a part of it.

    ZNA Potomac led the way in changing over to a full slate of B awards so that people who weren't into gosanke could actually win some awards...we got crucified by the "old guard" for that but we did it anyway but yeah I guess we aren't into fresh ideas.

    Wow Jim, that's impressive. Seven years of club growth. Wasn't it you that had a thread on how you can't get any volunteers? Hmm, I wonder why no one wants to help you Jim.

    Yes, BU is a good idea for your club Jimbo. That's good thinking. Way to go!!! Now the Potomac Club is like "the rest of the world".

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    After being in the hobby since 1989 I am making a come back...hahahahaha...coming out of retirement folks, going to start focusing 80% of my time on Bito like I did 10 years ago so I can take back the posting title from MikeM......half my life I have done koi and I hope to teach my son "koi" so he can say he learned koi since birth, for me the focus is in whats in my pond and not what each show is going to do. Japanese or English terms is part of learning this freakin hobby.

    I am try my best to teach my kid so he can show his first red and white koi in 4years if young participation is lacking at koi shows....now switching to facebook (thank god the younger crowd is leaving for twitter and instagram)......
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.

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    Just my humble opinion, but I like the centimeter approach to measuring. It feels more concise and helps me compare koi all over the world better than converting to inches. When I've posted my koi on blogs I try to post both inches and cm. The" bu " system is nothing more than use of cm. In the US where shows usually max out at 200-300 entry, we don't have to worry about 20 entries at 78 bu and 25 entries at 79 bu, and that may just be with kohaku!
    I certainly understand everyone's preference, but I can understand why the ZNA clubs are doing this.

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    I think without seeing Mike’s face when he says “please the crowd” it would be easy to misjudge his (and CFKS’s) intent. The “crowd” translates to “foot traffic” and if you ask Mike and the vendors “crowd’ is to be encouraged. I for one wandered in from the crowd when I didn’t know an asagi from my ass. The expansion of sakura from GCB to three awards is meant to be inclusive recognizing varieties that sometimes don’t get the respect they deserve. CFKS gives awards for Longfins (we don’t call it hirenaga since it is largely American in development). CFKS is now the CFK and goldfish Show. There were about 100 goldfish entered in last year’s inaugural event. I have heard that this is the largest judged goldfish show in the country. Every year there are more wet and dry vendors than Mike can accommodate. This year CFKS already has more volunteers for Water Quality than needed, but under Joe White’s eye they’ll all get a chance to stir the water. The number of benching teams has expanded to 2 (and there is talk of a third) in no small part to let everyone join in. Seminars you couldn’t ask for more or better. Koi shows show as much about people as they do about koi.

    As for our often clumsy use of Japanese terms when speaking of nishikigoi (or Koi as we say), naming is the privilege of first adopters and to be respected by subsequent aficionados. Take Astronomy for example the names of the three stars in Orion’s Belt are Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka: Arab names. Mercury,Venus, Mars: Roman Names, the context is richer than calling them Sun 1, 2 & 4. The Russians named the craters on the dark side of the moon because they discovered them, there are hill on Mars named after the martyred astronauts that the rovers have explored. These names remind us of the myths, history, politics and science of Astronomy. I took an Ichthyology class words like actinopterygii, sarcopterygii, and ostariophysi are really annoying at first but they encompass groups and make discussion and distinction convenient. When the kichi employ a word like “Botan” describe a diverse group of varieties for show purposes it is as much of a simplification as it is a nod to the Japanese since there is no word in any language that would otherwise suffice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Appliance Guy View Post
    Wow Jim, that's impressive. Seven years of club growth. Wasn't it you that had a thread on how you can't get any volunteers? Hmm, I wonder why no one wants to help you Jim.

    Yes, BU is a good idea for your club Jimbo. That's good thinking. Way to go!!! Now the Potomac Club is like "the rest of the world".
    I hope that made you feel better.

    ZNA Potomac Koi Club

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