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Thread: CuFt cermedia vs 50 ltrs kaldness

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    Tategoi mtsklar's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    Wisconsin, USA
    Fyi, the measured surface area on cermedia is 5 times greater than MBH.

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    Honmei MCA's Avatar
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    MCA, where do you get your bacteria house from? I got my last stuff from eastern koi, but I saw some on ebay yhat looked a bit different, but was twice as expensive. I think I've decided to just get both, aubic foot of cermedia and 10 more kilos of bacteria house.
    Carl Forss at Flat Rock Koi. He is the guy who built Henry C's pond.

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    Perth Western Australia
    Hey all, down here we don't have to worry about the cold, don't know how you guys survive haha. Just a curiosity question, do you actually need more media? after all if your nitrites and nitrates are 0 then the system is working.

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    Oyagoi yerrag's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    Manila, Philippines
    Quote Originally Posted by MCA View Post
    Cermedia, like most porous ceramic media, has lots or surface area per cubic foot compare to a hard plastic like K1. My experience tells me no fluid bed comes close to a good shower in aeration, gas exchange, and ammonia-nitirite-nitrate conversion. I got rid of Nexus units I had for close to 10 years to concentrate on a good bakki shower with BHM as the main filtration engine. Very glad I did.
    Mike, would appreciate more details. Aeration in terms of DO % of saturation, and nitrate readings, before and after use of bakki shower. Would like to also learn from your experience comparing j-mat-based bio filtration vs. bakki, esp. on nitrates. Thanks.

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    Nisai NewKidInPond's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by rifraf View Post
    My question is in the colder months....... wouldn't it be wiser to use a moving bed with kaldness for the bio conversion, then as it got warmer use the bakki style shower for maybe 6 months of the 12 month year? I live in Utah and my shower months are at most 7 months of the year, but I still would like to keep a bio filter running like early march till mid April. At this point run the shower till hopefully mid to late Oct. then shut off the shower for the winter till April again. I wished there was a way to run a shower without it chilling the pond. In your case Loco, from all my research and own experience run a shower over a MB anyday.... But maybe you could incorporate one of each? Good topic I love to hear Bito's finest chime in on little things like this. -Mike
    I start my pond a year ago with nexus and ultimate || , the water is ok but can't wait to add on a bakki shower next Spring to chill my pond a little , feel so bad to see my babies suffer last summer from the heat of Texas .


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    Tategoi Loco4Koi's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by NewKidInPond View Post
    I start my pond a year ago with nexus and ultimate || , the water is ok but can't wait to add on a bakki shower next Spring to chill my pond a little , feel so bad to see my babies suffer last summer from the heat of Texas .

    My water, in Austin still gets in 90', even with a shower and an 8000gph cascading waterfall. I'm in 100% sun. I put packing Styrofoam from large appliances in the pond for shade. They look like upside down boats, it allows more air contact with the water than flat pieces.
    Of course they're removed and hidden prior to guests... Lol the fish like poking their noses around it looking for stray food

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