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Thread: Help Gill Problem, Fish are Dying

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    Help Gill Problem, Fish are Dying

    Hi guys, i'm a newbie in Koi keeping... I had started buying since about a month ago. But these past 2 weeks, the kois are dead around one each day. May be from total of 45 fish i now end up with 35ish.

    Attach are pics of one of the dead fish. I cannot identify if it's BGD or gill fluke or other parasites. Frankly i have not tested my water quality yet. Wich i will do tomorrow after buying the kit. Please if anyone can help identify what it is. And how to treat the rest.

    Another thing if salt bath can help, how long should i keep the rest of the fish in high concentrate salt bath? Can i do water change and put high concentration of salt in the main pond or should i use QT pond.

    Please advice. Thanks alot...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Help Gill Problem, Fish are Dying-image.jpg   Help Gill Problem, Fish are Dying-image.jpg   Help Gill Problem, Fish are Dying-image.jpg  

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    It is obvious from the photos that a 'gill rot' has set in. The causes can be numerous. Much more information is needed... including where you are located, your pond set-up, water parameters, the history of the pond, the nature of the source of the fish, whether the fish were quarantined before going in the pond.

    I do not want to scare you, but having so many die in such a short time frame makes me want to include KHV on the list of possibilities. Or, it could be the result of ammonia burn from 'new pond syndrome' giving rise to bacterial infection. A lot has to be known to try to narrow the possibilities. It would be best if you can contact an experienced koikeeper near you to visit and advise. If there is a koi club in your area, there may well be someone who has volunteered to advise in this sort of situation.

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    Yes, it looks like BGD, but the real question is what is causing it. It doesn't just happen on it's own. It is a opportunistic infection. I had an outbreak of it when I also got some gill flukes. I treated for both problems and all is well. As Mike said without more information, it is about impossible to help you. We need a lot more information on your pond. All of the water parameters, fish load, recent purchase information, symptoms, length of problem, any Scrape & scope findings, treatments already performed.

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    Thanks Mike n Katie for the quick responses,

    i will gather and post more accurate info tomorrow as i leave in Indonesia so it's 1 am now...

    Again, thanks... Have a great day

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    Oyagoi RayJordan's Avatar
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    Also please provide water temperature and looking at dead koi does there appear to be a deep notch in the area between the mouth and nose?

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    I am only seeiing same pic- no pic of nose/mouth/head.

    But boy those look bad. Yikes! Like others have said, we'd like more info please.

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    At 45 kois in a month old pond, pond must be pretty big(minimum of 100 tons), if not I smell a possible disaster especially for a newbie.
    Get the test kit (ammonia and nitrite) and also get a salinity meter. Stop feeding. No need for quarantine since i believe you have to treat the whole pond now. Good Luck.

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    I had a similar issue many years ago. I thought, for sure, it was KHV. Well, after sending out sample fish..they came back negative. What they did culture was columnaris. I treated the remaining fish with fungus eliminator (also good for columnaris). Stopped it in it's tracks...and saved the few remaining fish.

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    I would suggest that you do a PP treatment including filters. In a warmer climate you will have less oxygen so lot of arriation. Remeber that you would have killed all the bacteria in your filters so very graduall feeding and immediate water change as soon as treatment is over,

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