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Thread: Need advice for piping size for filter chambers

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    Need advice for piping size for filter chambers

    Good days, I am planning to build a pond by using pipes system instead of up and down system in the chambers. If I have 4 numbers of 3" bottom drains, what shall be my piping size for or in my filter chamber? Is 4 numbers of 4" piping for the chamber enough to hold the flow without water level drop from chamber to chamber?

    Pond size below:
    1) 25 ft x 6 ft x 4 ft (in depth) exclude 4 chambers filter (i.e. 7 ft x 8 ft x 3 ft in depth)
    2) 4 numbers of bottom drains @ 3" pipe
    3) 4 numbers of 2" surface skimmer
    4) total pumps flow rate is 45,000 ton/hr

    Thanks in advance.
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    Perhaps someone with more knowledge will come along to give advice. However, there is no way this could work to move 45,000 tons per hour. Did you mean 45,000 gallons per hour? Or, 45 tons per hour? For a pond with the dimensions you give, a pump moving 45,000 gallons per hour seems quite oversized. .... When moving water through a filter, the velocity desired is a real factor. I think you would do better with larger diameter pipe and less flow.

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    25x6x4=3888 US gallons in the pond while 7x8x3=1089 US gallons in the filters. So with a total of 4977 US gallons in the system, I would think you would want to move around 5000-7000gph through the filters for a less than one hour turnover of the pond. The pump size needs to take into consideration the back pressure from the pipe and return ports.

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