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Thread: RIP Chuck Poppe

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Orlando, Florida

    RIP Chuck Poppe

    I have heard that Chuck Poppe passed away earlier this week. He became a koi judge in the U.S. back in the mid-1990s, both with AKCA and ZNA, and more recently with AKJA. I first met him about a dozen years ago, but we did not have a real conversation until 2005 at the KoiAmerica show held in Chantilly that year. I recall how patient he was in explaining to me how the quality of beni should be evaluated in judging. There was a ZNA judging seminar held at the show. We sat next to each other. I agonized over each ranking and felt terribly rushed by the time limits. Chuck quietly filled out his form in what seemed like seconds. After the judge from Japan finished his explanations of how the koi should be ranked in each category being considered, I noticed that Chuck's rankings were identical in every category. A quiet man, you'd never guess he had an extensive military background. He was authoritative in his knowledge, but never authoritarian. He kept his opinions to himself, but was happy to teach if requested. I'll miss not seeing him at a show. I learned something from him every time we met.

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    wild horse dinh's Avatar
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    A future show to be defined soon....
    My heart felt condolences to Chuck's family.

    RIP Chuck.


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    Honmei ricshaw's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    Southern California

    Richard Renshaw, Larry Gill, Larry Christensen, Chuck Poppe judging a ZNA So Cal Chapter show.

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    Jumbo jnorth's Avatar
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    Thanks for posting this MikeM as I hadn't been able to get on until this morning.

    Chuck was also one of the founders of ZNA Potomac and an active member until his death. This past year we had a photo montage at the show and renamed the GC award to be the Chuck Poppe Award. At the moment it appears that any services to be held will be in about 3 months time as he will be buried with full honors at Arlington and that takes some time. When I have the official information I will be sure to post it.
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    A sad day. Chuck was a US marine officer-- and a warrior for ZNA and peace. Great man.
    What most people don't know is that chuck was also a very early member of MAKC. He helped build the club into a membership of 1200 families!! Imagine that, in the golden years of koi in America, we had 1200 paid members. But the watering down of koi as a Japanese based art and cultural corner stone, bothered Chuck. He had spent much time in Japan and loved the people, the culture and the art. So he and Ed Gillenwater along with Dick Asbaugh ( major supplier of medium grade Japanese koi at the time), along with a few other diehards started Potomac ZNA. And from there, Art and Nicole lembke, Joe Zuritsky and myself with the support of Betty Roamer and Susan Boland, started the MAKC extension chapter MAKC ZNA. Chuck always supported our chapter even though he had some political battles and scars from some of the MAKC founders. He was my example of someone who could rise above 'himself' for some greater good or greater purpose. Indeed he taught me that somethings are bigger than ego, ambition and self involvement. The discipline and way of the peaceful warrior. JR

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    Oyagoi RayJordan's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
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    So sad to hear about losing Chuck! What a great guy and a true supporter of our koi hobby and ZNA. A real american hero. Chuck was small in stature but when he talked everyone listened. He certainly didn't have the stereotypical short person complex. Chuck was calm, caring, and compassionate. Having great sense of humor he was willing to joke and be joked about. He and Doris are some of my favorite koi people. A hug from Doris and a firm handshake from Chuck had to make you feel it was going to be a great day. He will be greatly missed.
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