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Thread: Quality Koi Farm koi appreciation event with Potomac and Tri-State ZNA

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    Jumbo azngopher's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    Tokyo, Japan

    Quality Koi Farm koi appreciation event with Potomac and Tri-State ZNA

    Saturday was a fun event at Quality Koi where we were able to see all the shiro utsuris that came out of the appreciation event last year as nisai. Mat graded the koi into 2 categories, those that should be taken home for enjoyment and those with an option to stay another year at the farm to spend the summer in the southern New Jersey mud. After critique by Mat, pictures were taken for record keeping and decisions made by owners, we discussed some of the koi and why they were not of the investment to keep at the farm. For example, the number 1 picked koi was not recommended to stay as Mat felt her development would not be worth the mud keeping fees and so better for the owner to take home to enjoy. It was a good lesson in how koi can develop and change over a season.

    The tosai event did not go as planned due to the koi that were to be used from Isawa Nishikigoi Center (Matsunosuke, a famous breeder) did not travel well and were under extreme stress. Mat replaced them with higher grade tosai from the farm's own breeding program that club members where able to put their name on the list for. Here is a short video of all 15 koi that were offered at $500.

    Tri-State & Potomac ZNA Grow out at Quality Koi - YouTube

    There are 5 sanke and 10 kohaku. 4 club members put in for the sanke and 9 put in for the kohaku. So members in the sanke lot will draw 1-4 for selection when they are harvested in October. Similarly club members will draw 1-9 for selection order of the kohaku.

    As the day went by, we were interested in some other tosai that Mat had set aside for the event just in case we had more people interested than koi available for the mud pond. These happen to be some special koi from the breeding program that were lucky to survive some farm errors that killed their siblings. 16 of these tosai ranging from amazing showa, kin showa (metallic), kin hi utsuri (metallic yellow), kohaku and shusui will be grown in Mat's hydroponic system. Mat estimates that these 4-5 inch tosai will reach 18 inches by October. Again, selection process will be through lotto. The koi were offered at $300. Of course many of us could not resist and went in with this cool deal.

    Membership has its privileges!

    send your name, address and phone to [email protected] to not miss another great event!

    Friendship Thru Scales


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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    My avaitar is from one of Mat's koi a few decades back. he's done a masterful job of improving his production. thanks for sharing and for many of us, we'd be interested Duc, in seeing what you may have selected for yourself. I'm sure you took photos....

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    Orlando, Florida
    Duc: Sounds like wonderful fun. I could spend days listening to Mat explain what he has done, what he is hoping to accomplish with a match, what he focuses on. ...Actually, I have spent days! And, I look forward to more such days. Sorry the INC tosai were not available, but I'm sure the ones made available have every bit as much potential. For several years now, Mat's Sanke have been fantastic and a real bargain compared to equivalent imports. But, his efforts with Kohaku kept having setbacks. About 3 years ago things began to click and the Kohaku have been impressive. Last year's have really looked good, with nice body form.

    Any photos/video of the Showa, Kin Showa, etc. ?? ...Mat has a thing about Kin Showa. Some day he is going to get what he wants in one.

    This is the time of year when I usually acquire a tosai or two in their 555 event. But, the traditional 555 event is no more. Instead, there are some high grade tosai Kohaku up for auction. I'm not in the market for Kohaku, but find myself tempted. Good thing I was not at the TriState ZNA event. I'd not have been able to control myself. Probably would have been tempted by the Kin Showa! ...just because I've never had one.

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    Jumbo azngopher's Avatar
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    Tokyo, Japan
    I really need to invest in a decent camera, anyone have any good leads for a digital SLR for koi pics, please let me know.

    My iPhone died as the day went on and by the time we got around to bringing up the 16 reserved tosai from the farm's breeding that were going to be raised in the hydroponic experiment, it was securely in my pocket waiting for the ride home to get recharged.

    I took a couple pics of the asagi but she was moving too fast for my iPhone to capture properly. Should've taken a video but all that will have to wait until the fall when they come out of the mud...hopefully I'll have a proper camera by then.

    Will update this thread in October!

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