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Thread: German Young koi show Berlin (Shinkokai)

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    Tategoi aquatechnobel's Avatar
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    German Young koi show Berlin (Shinkokai)

    First edition of this Shinkokai in Berlin, Germany more specifically, it was a beautiful koi show with a great atmosphere and lots of visitors which is not displeasing to the organizers Not addicted to this first edition everything went very smoothly with 3 judges but also breeder of Japan (Manabu Ogata, Futoshi Mano Mano and Seneshi) The Grand Champion was awarded to a Kohaku 65cm in Ogata, no discussion possible what was really the best koi on this koi show Supreme Champion is a Sanke from Sakai Fish Farm Grand Champion B a Showa from Ogata koi farm Most Unique koi was won by Yoshikigoi fotos from the show are there : koi show / German Young koi show Berlin | Aquatechnobel enjoy Patrick

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    I'm fascinated by the koi in the last photo. Is it a kikusui? But it isn't metallic. So what is it? Kumonryu?

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