Attended the ZNA NorCal meeting today - Nothing better than hanging around with koi kichies to talk about Koi while having good food and excellent drink.

Thanks to Nguyen Nguyen for hosting the meeting and their hospitality as well as providing excellent food for us to enjoy.
Thanks to Duke Nguyen, who was my koi mentor when I first walking into this hobby; Khuong Doan and Tom Lai for giving a talk about Shiroji, Beni and Sumi....

Looks like the ZNA NorCal is moving to the best next level under the leadership of the President, Dr. David Tran. Great job David.

Enjoy the education video folk.

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Great event today. More than 30 attendees. Great food and interesting discussion. Hope everyone had a good time and didn't get too much sun. Video at

Don Chamberlain
23rd Annual SCVKWG Pond Tour - 7/19/14