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Thread: Washington Koi and water garden Society

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    Washington Koi and water garden Society

    has their 27th show scheduled for the first weekend in September. It's held at a small shopping center in Bothel, Washington. Big enough to have 4 judges which usually break up into pairs to move along the judging. The judging team will include the husband and wife team of the Christensen's from portland oregon, and Larry Gill from northern California. Dave Young from Arizona completes the team!

    Last year, I had the priviledge of helping to judge the event. This year I'm commited to being a docen for a bonsai show at a fall festival celebration at a local ccommunity college. Hopefully we'll get some photo coverage here from other participants.

    It doesn't seem that long ago when a handful of Koi Kichi's got together for close to a year and a half to plan the start of this club.
    I was fortunate to have been one of them and ended being president of the club it's first year. My priority was this show and we kicked off the first show, the very first year the club started. Pan Intercorp, used their influence to land us some very fine shinkokai
    judges from japan. And as "they" say, the rest is history....
    Dick Benbow

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    It's actually their 23rd Annual Koi Show, I know it's easy to lose count.

    It is hard to believe that 23 years have passed since that first koi show, both the club and the hobby have come a long way.

    That first year we had Shinkokai Judges Mr. Shoichi Iitsuka of Matsue Nishikigoi Center and Mr. Shunichi Yoshida of Yoshida Fish Farm judge our very first koi show.

    Here are just some of the other Shinkokai Judges who have graciously Judged the WK&WGS shows over the subsequent years in no particular order

    Takashi Omosako Omosako Koi Farm
    Hiroji Sakai Sakai Fish Farm
    Hitoshi Mano Mano Fish Farm
    Futoshi Mano Dainichi Koi Farm
    Yuji Yoshida Yoshida Fish Farm
    Hiroyuki Haibara Kasugai Nishikigoi
    Futoshi Maruyama Maruyama Yorijo
    Yuji Yamamoto Yamamoto Yorijo
    Kentaro Sakai Sakai Fish Farm
    Toshiya Amemiya Suien
    Masaaki Matsumura Matsumura Yorijyo
    Kenji Tsujimoto Tedori Fishland
    Takahiro Omosako Omosako Koi Farm
    Takaharu Inoue Beppu
    Shinsuke Takahashi Mungkorn
    Hisashi Hirasawa Marudo
    Gensuke Maruyama Maruyama Koi Farm

    Unquestionably one of if not the most impressive roster of Japanese koi breeders ever to have visited this country.

    Typically, some of the best koi in the country are entered in this koi show. It's well worth the trip to see it.

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