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Thread: A not so conventional Koi Pond Build

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    Aug 2013

    A not so conventional Koi Pond Build

    Our pond , featured in the FB link below , which is for open viewing ( I tried loading the snaps in the koi bito forum , it was taking way too long , and the sequential viewing was getting muddled ) was built in about 8-10 months time . It was an expansion of a 300 gallon pond to 13,000 gallon . Its gravity fed via bottom drain to a brush filled vortex tank . This tank pushes up water via two magnetic pumps to a 5 tier concrete bakki shower having 200 kgs of BHM . There is a 1.5 HP sewage pump that sucks out water from the settlement tank , 8 times a day , for a minute of a time . When this happens , the fresh water inflow triggers in for 2 minutes from the ground water . Hence , there is 5 % water changing happening , spread over 8 parts of a day .

    The sewage pump has by-pass purge valves which helps in flushing the bottom drains and the underground pipe connect of the pond to the vortex tank .

    It was a 8-10 years of study that helped me in going about in having this pond thought of , and then made . The person who is holding the little kohaku in his hand is the gentleman who led our family to this difficult but rewarding hobby of " change " . If koi keeping has to take off in earnest in India , it will because of his single minded purpose of getting this hobby to the shores of India . Am very thankful to Purush Narayanan of Genichi Fish Farm . Also am very grateful to others in this forum and outside , whose posts and articles i studied , researched , and then applied. Thanks to the shinning galaxy of these stars , i have learnt a bit , and am still learning

    Best regards ,

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202568812163798&set=ms.c.eJxVkkmO BTEMQm~;U8oCn~_1~;sk02LWpXqCUNM4hYW1bse3jm3f~;5PMj Y3WogvqDHVmOX6CYlpklQN6JMupJpTCyE4TrWm0ykPI6SDU6dZ 9aZOs5rkXH3m~_UQoKWpSp46733yIgUQ3vaPPiQ8~;CzNX0kZy SgCSEuJLTaomjD5oJd4kq~_RItJ~;I57ympKjZVNJPU9oq7~_s gzQcywD8lHrAbJb1w101xlLlqyozkPj2zsfw4B5ilZy5uwUckp HloL92iX3pr~_mvHS7fgLcNHs4aNub6NYD7ik86roKZ~_4K2bH A~-~-.bps.a.10202569178852965&type=1&theater
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    Mar 2005
    Very nice! This link might work better.

    My personal koi page Updated 7/8/07
    ZNA Potomac Koi Club

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    Orlando, Florida
    Wow! Love the boulders, the bridge..... I know it will be much enjoyed.
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    Aug 2013
    [QUOTE=jnorth;215821]Very nice! This link might work better.

    Thanks very much JN ! Am grateful.............it was a lot of blood sweat and tears . i know money is always the background , but then i always value the blood , sweat and tears better And i am sorry , i forgot to mention , a big , big thank you to my family , without which, undoubtedly this pond would have never ever taken shape .

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    Southern California
    I love the concrete shower trays!

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    Aug 2013
    Thanks for the links. I really enjoyed how that koi pond was built and how your family worked on this project together and to see how well the result turned out.
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    Manila, Philippines
    Now, thanks to you Sanjay, we will have trouble to upgrade!
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