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Thread: Breeding

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    St Louis, Missouri
    As others have said, once they are mature and the conditions are right, koi breed without a whole lot of intervention. The real skill is in selecting broodstock and culling.

    Backyard breeding is NOT the path to learning about quality koi, but it can help you learn how young koi change as they mature. Unfortunately, to learn much, you need to start with a very limited gene pool. The yamabuki and the kin showa are probably a wise choice - two colors and the pattern from (hopefully) a single bloodline. In showa the first cull is for all black fry, so that will cut down your numbers.

    For koi to reach their true potential, early growth is critical. Fry need live food 24/7, lots of room to grow and protection from predators - including aquatic insects and their own siblings. You MUST limit the numbers hatched out and then cull early and often. Bonsai koi result from failure to manage proper stocking levels.
    Lynne in St. Louis

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    Thanks for your anwsers.

    I breed Betta Spendens 5 years ago, so I'm familiar with feeding small, young fish and selecting the fry...

    I will try it now, so I hope they will spawn soon.

    Greetz Nico

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