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Thread: yamato-nishiki

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    Jun 2004
    Hi Dick,
    Must be very exciting to create a new variety of koi of your own in your mind. Will fail many times as usual like those Japanese breeders but all it takes is 1 successfull production to bring you to cloud nine.
    Wish you success in advance.

    Hi TK,
    No, metallic is difference from Ginrin sanke. Ginrin scales as you know have a sparkling deposite over all or part of the scales surface.
    Yamato-nishiki is not only metallic & are restricted to the base color. The Hi & sumi colored pattern are not metallic.
    I have attached a picture for your reference. Thanks.


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    Jul 2004
    Thanks for the pics. It helped me understand the term Yamato-nishiki now.

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    Dec 2003
    Sunningdale, UK
    HI Nico,

    I have seen the book, but my lack of another language meant I could only look at the pictures. I saw it on the KLAN stand at Arcen last year.

    My koi club will be having a stand at Arcen next door to the KLAN one, so I will have another look to see if the pictures are the same as those in Living Jewels.

    rgds BERN

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