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Thread: Rotifer or Brine Shrimp which is better for newly hatched fry?

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    Sansai Reza's Avatar
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    Jul 2014
    Tehran - Iran

    Rotifer or Brine Shrimp which is better for newly hatched fry?

    what is your idea in firist feeding for fry, rotifer or Brine Shrimp (Artemia). I read several article in fry feeding some suggested boiled egg yolk some suggested brine shrimp nauplii. even in some bolgs write that the Paramecium is most best first day food as a starter.

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Orlando, Florida
    We need some of our backyard breeders to jump in with their practices. Tosai Sunny, are you around? ...Sunny has gotten some wonderful results with his breeding.

    While we are waiting for those with recent backyard success to share what has worked best for them, some thoughts....

    Breeders place newly hatched fry in greenwater ponds. These have abundant microscopic life for the first days and support a population of tiny crustaceans (rotifers, daphnia) that feed the fry until they are a size that allows feeding of pelletized foods. It is very effective both in supplying perfect nutrition and low cost. So, how can you mimic this approach? Culturing greenwater is problematical. When you want it, the water stays clear. When you don't want it, you'll have it. Egg yolk is a great food for the first few days, but only in a rather small volume of water and it quickly fouls the water. If the water fouls, the entire spawn can be lost. Paramecium (infusoria) can be cultured as a first food. Koi hatchlings are fairly large as fish fry go. They quickly reach a size where newly hatched brine shrimp can be eaten. Some are large enough when they hatch to take newly hatched brine shrimp as a first food. But, remember that brine shrimp die in freshwater within hours. It takes frequent feedings to push growth. The goal is to get the fry to a size where they can consume manufactured foods as quickly as possible. Some people have had success using powdered dry foods as first foods. Maintaining water quality is often the big challenge.

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    seattle, wa
    Live food should always be your first choice over say something like egg yoke. Brine shrimp can be a hassle to keep going in stages to have plenty of live food. Getting infusoria started can be a learning curvel for timing but in my opinion is best. So muh depends on what you have to raise your fry in. Mud pond container etc. be sure to get a grasp of the word tobi and the importance of having facilities to separate the bigger brothers from their siblings who can then become a meal. After a few attempts you'll appreciate what professional breeders have accomplished in providing us fish....
    Dick Benbow

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    Jumbo Tosai_Sunny's Avatar
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    Hi Mike, I am always lurking here. It's part of my daily routine but don't always have time to post these days because of new job.

    Good questions, Reza. Glad to see you are doing all the research before taking on the challenge. My disclaimer is that I have only spawned twice. :-) Both spawns were sanke with limited success.

    As MikeM and Coach(DickB) suggested, go with live food for newly hatched fry because it's easy, clean, and high in protein. I fed mine newly hatched brineshrimp and daphnia. Daphnia is very easy to culture with green water. You can also feed them yeast. Under ideal conditions they can multiply exponentially. I use the water from my koi pond to get them started. To make green water, all I have to do is turn off the UV light. As soon as the water turns green, I pump it into the fry tank and then introduce the daphnia. Within a couple of weeks(with ideal temperature), a few hundreds would multiply into millions. To keep them going after they have eaten all the algae, I feed them active dry yeast every other day. I do not have any experience with rotifers. As far as I know, they do not reproduce as prolifically as daphnia.

    Have fun and best of luck!
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    Sansai Reza's Avatar
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    Jul 2014
    Tehran - Iran
    My dear friends, Mike,dick and Tosai sunni, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

    My opinion is that fry needs more slow moving live food to easily catch, eat and digested. newly hatched brine shrimps may be is the first choice of most people, but the good grade of quality and high hatch percentage is not available in most places and for some people is not money efficiency specially for Cosette.

    Daphnia is very good food resource but for newly hatched fry may by they become really big challenge. unhatched eggs of Brine shrimps may close the intestine. I think fry is very sensitive and their early growth rate is depended on the protein and amino acides they get in the first days.
    In a research about the Caspian kutum in Iran, they found growing this kind of fish with human made food and live food has a big differences in death ,growth and width rate. by feeding live food in 40th day after hatch average death of human made feeding was around 28% but in rotifer feeding was 7%, growth rate of first one was around 14.7 millimeters but in rotifer feeding tanks they was in 31.36 millimeters average width of them was 17.2 versus 440 milligrams of rotifer feeding.

    I found in research Paramecium and protozoa culturing needs some laboratory devices and knowledge to avoid from existing of cyclops and some other aggressive microorganisms. but Parameciums are very easily digestible for fry.

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