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Thread: 'Pink' Beni

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    I would not generalize that 'pink beni' is weaker. Like any beni type, quality and thickness are going to vary from fish to fish. In the article posted above (which is focused on 'pink beni' at INC), Russ Peters writes that like most breeders, INC has many types of beni... “ 'persimmon' type Beni, a darker 'red' beni, as with most this type tends to be more of a “hard” Beni, a 'yellow' type Beni and Pink Beni. Of these there are, of course, subtle in between shades but, for the most part, these four are consistent. The one type that is most valued in Japan is the “yellow” type Beni. Mr. Sakai also calls this type “professional” Beni as it takes a professional to recognize the value of this type of Beni. It is very soft, elastic Beni that lasts a very long time and is less likely to break down. Any type of Beni will have different levels of quality. By this I mean not all Pink Beni, or “yellow” Beni or “persimmon” type Beni are the same. Some Pink Beni is better than other Pink Beni and so on. One of the things that can make the biggest difference is the type of skin that contains the Beni so it is very important that the skin quality be very good as well. How white the skin is is not what makes quality skin. A very bright white can actually be flat and stark and not give the impression of depth. The skin on a Koi that has depth, and luster, to it gives the impression of dimension, it makes the color look like it has more depth and volume."

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    As always, you have just opened my eyes to further study of Beni. Shows how little I know about Hi on koi. Showa beni, sanke beni, kohaku beni and now you are saying that there are different types of beni color to distinguish as well....Oh my

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