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Thread: Buying Koi Online

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    Buying Koi Online

    Hi All,

    So I REALLY want a kumonryu.....I saw the cutest one online from a koi and goldfish dealer. Do any of you have experience buying koi online? Their facebook had good comments. Just now sure what I should look out for, haha.


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    All the things that would be relevant in buying from any source are applicable to buying on-line from an unknown dealer, with added difficulty because you cannot see what you would see if visiting a dealer. Buying koi based on a photo is always problematical. They often look much better in a photo than they do in person. The health of the koi cannot be evaluated. You have to rely on the dealer. Whether the dealer adequately quarantines fish before placing them up for sale is a real question, and while there have not been many reports of KHV in recent years, they do still pop up from time to time. There was an outbreak following a major show this past Spring, traced back to a single dealer who had recently imported the koi in bulk from a source that was not bio-secure. A number of hobbyists ending up losing their entire collections. The last KHV losses I'm aware of in my area occurred from 'rescued' koi, which showed no symptoms but carried the virus into the rescuer's pond.

    When buying from an unknown dealer, whether on-line or in person, I think the hobbyist has to either be prepared to have a proper quarantine for an extended period of time following KHV protocols, or be willing to take the risk.

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    I have to admit that I have purchase ALL my koi online. I may be lucky that the dealers farm is actually stationed locally on the same island as I am, so I don't have to pay additional shipping cost for my koi. I have accepted the online process in which they do business and have been relatively happy and accepting of the procurement process.

    For me, I accepted the fact that this is better than NOT having any koi to grow out. As mentioned above, through the pictures provided online, it is very hard to know the quality AND health of the koi in photos. Everyone will agree that it is just not the same as seeing them in person. There are a lot of variables to consider and a few photos is really not enough to assess any koi. Photos enhancement and photo angles for the koi can very easily hide flaws in the available koi.

    It has also been my experience that the koi usually have not eaten for some time (stress/just my observation). Most of the time when I pick them up, they are quite slender and colors are down (not like the photo/stress related?). When getting them home, I also make sure that I use a QT for 3-4 months for all new koi, just some protection from spread of any bad bugs that may come in with the new fish. I have not had any problems thus far with bad bugs from our local supplier.

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