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Thread: Ph at 9!

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    Ph at 9!

    Hi Guys,

    My wide range pH is 9? What can I do to bring it down a bit? Do I need to?

    Wide Range PH = 9
    Ammonia = 0-.1
    Nitrite = 0
    Kh = 80

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    We were discussing this on Jo2leca's thread. My thoughts:

    "A pH of 9.0 is much higher than the ideal, but koi will adjust. It may be harsh insofar as attaining skin lustre of the highest level, and it makes any ammonia more harmful. But, it will not directly cause a health problem. More problematical are efforts to reduce pH chemically by adding acids. It is very difficult to accomplish without exposing the fish to dramatic pH fluctuations. The acids will consume KH, and often by the time the desired pH is attained, the buffering capacity is so reduced that pH crashes become a risk. I am not aware of a koikeeper having long term success. I am aware of many who have caused serious problems trying. (It can be done more readily in the limited water volume of aquaria, but requires considerable effort, including adjusting the pH of replacement water outside the tank before performing water changes or top-offs.) I think you will be better off learning to live with a pH of 9.0 than trying to reduce it. Stability is far more important than a particular pH level. "

    If your pond is small, you might try using a reverse osmosis unit to create your own RO water to use as a portion of each water change, but I tend to think the cost is prohibitive for most folks. Some people have experienced a moderate pH reduction using a water softener.

    Perhaps others will have different thoughts/perspectives.

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    I saw on your other thread that you added some plants to the pond. #1

    I am wondering if the soil from the plant pots is what raised your pond pH.

    If you test the water from the tap what pH do you get?


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    Use filters and a water softener to get the high GH and KH out of the source water.

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