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Thread: Enjoying a clear pond all summer

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    Enjoying a clear pond all summer

    Because of all you guys supplying me with input my pond has been well balanced and crystal clear since April. If fact we had babies and that tells me the water must be real good?

    THANK YOU EVERYONE Chris, Portland, Ore

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    Kudos for you!

    It seems to me that there has been more chatter on the boards and FB groups about greenwater problems over the past several months than I recall for quite some time. Perhaps there hasn't been anything more interesting to chat about? In any event, it seems there is a constant search for a magic elixir to eliminate greenwater and keep it gone. I only know two ways to accomplish permanent control. Use UV, or have sufficient bio-filtration so the nitrifiers can out-compete the greenwater algae for ammonia. The bio-filtration approach is not as totally effective as a properly sized and maintained UV, because there will always be some environmental disturbance come along that sets back the nitrifiers for a day or so. Those little blips cause me no concern, but some folks are unhappy if they do not have crystal clear water every minute of every day.

    A lot of things folks do to get picture perfect clarity are rather disturbing to me. Some have no hesitation to toss in some PP to clear a greenish haze from their water. Some use one algaecide or another without hesitation. This reliance on chemicals is bothersome to me. My interest is focused solely on the koi. Anything that kills cannot be positive for the fish residing in the pond. Over time, UV could not cost much more than the expense of all those chemicals.

    On another board there has been an on-going discussion about the Nualgi product, which is composed of micronutrients intended to boost the diatom population so that the diatoms out-compete greenwater algae for nutrient. It is to be dosed on a regular continual basis year-round. Some folks report amazing results in clearing their water within a few days. Some report no beneficial effect whatsoever after many weeks of use. Some believe it caused an eventual decline in string algae. Some say it has no effect on string algae, only greenwater algae. Whatever the merits of Nualgi may or may not be, the idea of fostering competitive exclusion of greenwater algae is a positive thing to my mind.

    For me, competitive exclusion accomplished through promotion of nitrifiers works and is positive for the koi. I do put up with falling short of 100% clarity from time to time, although visitors never seem to think there is any clarity issue. It does not bother me, and it does not bother the koi. If I was bothered, I would just turn the UV back on..... although so many years have gone by I am sure I would need to replace the ballast as well as the bulb.

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    yes I agree with what you say I made the first filter a gravel/grit filter , water comes up from the bottom and then into a bio filter /moving bead type. I do have a cheep UV and I mean cheap because it has no site window on it and it is still on working?? When I put my phone under water I do see bits of green partials in the water but from top side it looks crystal clear. I found that I dont do anything but add water when is gets down about 6" from summer heat. I have a carnivores picture plant island floating and no rocks or gravel on the bottom. This pond is by far the best I have ever built.
    Thanks again Chris

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