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Thread: Pregnant or sick koi

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    Pregnant or sick koi

    Hey everyone,

    My family recently bought a summer house that came with a very large koi pond and has roughly 35 koi. This summer we seem to have a pregnant koi that will not spawn its eggs and it looks like she is about to explode. She currently looks like she has a softball near her tail which even looks a little bloody. I am now wondering if she is sick and not pregnant since its been roughly a month since she realized she was much fatter than ever before.

    I am now getting concerned that she may explode and possibly get the rest of the pond sick. This this possible and should I be concerned?

    I have included pictures to hopefully help out

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Pregnant or sick koi-imag0118.jpg   Pregnant or sick koi-imag0121.jpg   Pregnant or sick koi-imag0120.jpg   Pregnant or sick koi-imag0124.jpg   Pregnant or sick koi-imag0123.jpg  

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    She is not going to burst and make the other fish sick. However, her life time is short. Her condition is variously labeled 'egg impaction', 'bloat' and some other names. The cause is rarely determined. It may be a tumor or a dysfunction preventing re-absorption of eggs or something else. Whatever the root cause, death usually is accompanied by internal infection. The redness you have observed is consistent with an internal infection having taken hold. You will find all sorts of suggestions around the internet, generally along the lines of stop feeding and inject with antibiotics. Some will say to salt the water, but I have never seen that to do any good. It just makes the pondkeeper feel they have done something. At the stage of bloat of your koi, I do not believe anything will help. I would leave her alone as long as she swimming around. When she stops swimming and just stays in one spot, usually at the surface or on the bottom, her time is near. Whether you euthanize the fish depends on a person's feelings about euthanasia.

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    Thanks so much MikeM!!!!

    Your feedback is greatly appreciate!

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