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Thread: My koi's face and body is turning red (normally white)

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    My koi's face and body is turning red (normally white)

    I'm sure something is wrong with my koi. The koi is swimming and eating normal, not isolating.but the white areas are turning a reddish pink especially the face. It seems to be under the skin. When we picked up the issue, the water quality was 80 nitrate, 0 nitrite, 0 Ammonia, 7.8 pH, 180 kH, 0.36 ppm Salt. I used Ultimate since and gave them an enrofloxacin treatment. He seem to improve a bit. The water source I use which is through the tap, I tested it, the kH was 120, there was chlorine, no nitrates, nitrites or ammonia, but I usually do only a 20% water change or use dechlorinator. The pond is concrete. I use a pressure filters in my ponds. I use Kodama All Season koi food. I have been dealing with Koi for about 5 years. I feed them what they can comfortable eat within 5 minutes and check the ammonia & nitrites regularly, never really have an issue there. I back flush 2 times a week. My ponds are 16' x 10', I have about 8 koi there ranging between 12" and 20". It is filled to about 24" with water and they have a proper circulation system installed. The pond used to have 15 koi but I built another and transferred a few. The filters are definitely mature so that's not a question. Since the problem started I monitored it closely, the pH was 7.9 in the morning and 8.0 in the evening. Please help, does anyone know what this is? Thanks
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails My koi's face and body is turning red (normally white)-ao-tagy1d4lkgm5hbukvsco-8foom9m8b8r3-aojnua5.jpg   My koi's face and body is turning red (normally white)-aljos_bi1soslkvaruvdbnlradwfamzyv7kicgi-ydn9.jpg   My koi's face and body is turning red (normally white)-ar640negsindrn7lqdolzi1pk7wluibhw0ikknfjylui.jpg   My koi's face and body is turning red (normally white)-atmzmeohehvsfhd9ffc2bfyr42uqbp8zbrpumtvwtzbz.jpg  

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