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Thread: Complete Water Quality

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    Complete Water Quality

    Hey all, I have read quite a bit about water quality, and how your pond relies on water quality for your Kois best outcome. I have read articles about hard and soft water, Low TDS and Kh, temperature etc. But I still have questions that I hope will be answered.

    Apart from the normal parameters within the nitrogen cycle, what is really good water quality. has anybody ever looked at what minerals should be in the water if any. So does anybody know if there is an article by some guru or university that has done a full analysis of what "Water Quality" really is? from Ph-TDS-KH-Minerals and anything else that would benefit our babies.


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    Mark Gardner and many others have taken water samples from breeder ponds in Niigata. The water source is snow melt and it that was has not leached through miles of aquifers to pick up dissolved minerals. Typically the TDS is around 75. The mud in the mud ponds is making the water turbid, but not hardening it. The turbid water protects the koi skin in the thinner mountain air.

    About the only time to harden water is if you were use the output of an RO machine and had truly water with no traces of salts or minerals.

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    Check out Mike Snaden's articles on water. You can find them at yumekoi.com under the 'media' heading. Getting old at this point, but the information is timeless.

    Many years ago, Thom Bischoff (sp!!) in Arizona posted a lot on the old NI board about his effort to re-make his water. He took RO water and added components to get what he wanted rather than deal with the mineral content of his source water. I do not have the details of what he did. Perhaps there is some old-timer around who does, or you can find it with some internet searching.

    Our Nishikigoi have 'evolved' in the mudponds of Japan, albeit in a very artificial manner through human intervention. So, it is logical that the mudpond is a good place to determine what is ideal. However, mudponds vary considerably. Most do have soft water and low TDS. KH may be nearly non-existent. The pH can be close to 6.0 or up to 7.5, which tells you that what is dissolved in the water varies. Trying to copy mudpond water parameters in the small, closed systems we call a koi pond requires a lot of care. Without a continual in-flow of fresh water, it is tough to succeed without a comparatively high KH level. Good luck in your search!

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