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Thread: Formalin bath in Marusada.

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    Formalin bath in Marusada.

    If you fallow Mark Gardner posts he recently posted an article about Marusada Koi Farm in 2 part. In his second part he posted a photo with a little description that, "Before they (selected tosi) were placed inside (ponds) all the tosai were given a 10 minute bath in formalin."
    Personally I have no good memories of Formaline usage, then I have started to search about formalin dose use i found the fallowing paper, but still I don't know how much of formalin will use for "10 minute bath" for koi.

    Formalin bath in Marusada.-use-formalin-control-fish-parasites.pdf
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Formalin bath in Marusada.-use-formalin-control-fish-parasites.pdf  

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    Over the years I have not noticed the breeders doing any treatment of newly harvested small tosai prior to placing them in the over-wintering greenhouse ponds. It is not uncommon to see select jumbo tosai, nisai and older koi pre-treated with a salt bath. Use of formalin raises a lot of questions and concerns. I think it would be better to treat the whole pond of newly harvested tosai after they have had a few days to get adjusted to being in the concrete pond. I'll let others debate whether in a commercial setting it is preferable to use formalin or potassium permanganate.

    If using formalin as a quick bath, I would go with the University of Florida recommendation for a 30-minute bath, even if the fish were only in the bath for 10 minutes. Formalin is strong stuff. I would rather be safe and take a risk.

    Sadao Ikarashi of Marusada has been breeding koi for so long that his approach may well work for him because he is so attuned to every little thing. He would notice tosai becoming stressed instantly. Someone else might not see the signs until too late. While I question the practice, I cannot question the knowledge of Ikarashi-san. Marusada was the first koi farm to put up greenhouses to protect koi from the bitter cold of Niigata winters. That old man led the way for what koi breeding in Japan has become. But, there is a difference between a person approaching a century of hands-on experience and the rest of us.
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    Thanks Mike, Several blogs mentioned using formalin in main pond will cause to damage the beneficial bacteria colonies in filter. In most of writings suggested to disconnect the filtration system in use of formalin and increase aeration.

    As I said I have a bad experience of formalin. It caused to dining all koi in my friend's pond.

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