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Thread: The path to the perfect Goshiki

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    The path to the perfect Goshiki

    I hope you enjoy my latest article looking at some history of Goshiki, and where we are going n the pursuit of the perfect Goshiki......

    The path to the perfect Goshiki ยป Niigata-Nishikigoi.com


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    Oyagoi yerrag's Avatar
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    That is a very interesting article I enjoyed reading over breakfast, made more so as I interrupted it with some trips to my koi pond to feed.

    In tropical climate, I feel I'm not alone in wishing that a kuro goshiki would stay in a dark ground, and not become whitewashed. Perhaps it is because of our nature to seek what is hard to find, the need to find a peak experience, that I consider a kuro goshiki, unspotted, the goshiki a thing of utmost beauty. The contrast of black and beni brings out the beni even more that it has a neon quality to it. I can only see it when it's fresh off the boat from Japan, and from then on its black background commences to decline to white, often with the unappealing light spots.

    Perhaps a shiro goshiki, as you had described, would be more stable, and could be appreciated in both temperate and tropical climates. That would be a nice thing for goshiki aficionados.
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    That is an excellent thought-provoking article.

    The Goshiki is such a mish mash of types. That very fact indicates that it is far from refined. There has been improvement in body form in some and improvement in the beni, but the fundamental aspect is how the sumi behaves. It seems quite unpredictable.

    The Kuro Goshiki does not particularly impress me. As a type, the sumi is either out of control or in the process of developing. A grand impression can exist for a moment in time, but seems so short-lived. Hi Showa has so much more durability.

    The Shiro Goshiki seems to have a better chance of maintaining its beauty for a longer time, but so many individuals just look messy as the develop and some never seem to get past that stage. It is telling that the famous Hiroi Goshiki is said to now be overwhelmed with sumi. One of the most beautiful koi ever produced; truly a cut flower. Some Shiro Goshiki may just be very slow developing Kuro Goshiki.

    It makes the idea of spending a significant sum for something so ephemeral seem foolish. Still, there is something about a gray ground that makes the red all the more brilliant. 15 years ago there was no koi that caught my attention more than the brilliant, fluorescent color of Goshiki. And, they can still cast a spell today. I hope the efforts of breeders are rewarded. Every hobbyist will benefit if they succeed.

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