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Thread: Momotaro Bakki shower & bacteria house

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    Sansai Vogata's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Sarpsborg - Norway
    Well I don’t discharge anything, but are generally a sceptic too everything that sound to good too be through, they usually are.

    For the “bacteria house” it was the lack off technical information that sent up the red flags, this would also be true for the rest if it weren’t for the pre-learned knowledge about oxygen and degassing.

    Cant say am comfortable with grinding dischargeable waist either. I find my living in the industrial part off our society and would if the first information where correct be able to sell ton upon ton off this. This changes with the knowledge off fresh water dilution and I fear even more with actual load capacity. It soon comes down to effect versus cost.


    How much more effective than witch other medium?
    Are other enhancer’s entire obsolete, if not what do we keep??

    Dear shiromujigirl what where your conclusion (except that its possible to get under without the beverages tasting any good)
    Tone - Truls -Petter
    Vogata NI

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    seattle, wa
    I enjoy your sense of humor!

    when it comes to filtration I'm keeping my bakki Shower with BH media in additon to my J-mat vortex upflow system. I like the idea of gas exchange and oxygenation in addition to my 3 gigantic vortexes filled with j-mat. To me the more eggs you have scattered around in different baskets the better.

    Some day youi'll have to tell us about Norway's weather and what you do to keep comntrol of your koi's health. I have no one else in Norway that I know and would like to learn what you keeping conditions there are like.
    Is your water hard or soft? When you get time let us know. Fun to Learn!

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    Sansai shiromujigirl's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Bastrop Texas
    Dear Norwegians,

    I am enjoying the way you write. I can almost hear you talking in your words as you write them.

    My conclusion is that the poo does seem to disappear. BUT if I turn off the flushthrough water the clarity goes very bad. I will run these shower tests for at least a year. The other 3500 gallon tank has the same set up shower but with lava rock instead of Bacteria House.

    The alcohol tests with and without Bakki Shower media did not find me under the table but on top pf the couch at my friend Savannah's house. This test will be repeated on September 11th but with about 100 people instead of three or four friends at Savannah's pond pull. Please see click2roark.com for an upcoming complete report.

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    Sansai Vogata's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2004
    Sarpsborg - Norway
    Aloa Shiromujigirl

    I’m not quit sure how to take the comments one my writing from all off you. Can’t really say that I’ve ever/never considered the written word to be one off my strong points.
    The conclusions for me would bee that there are a strong over representation off teachers interested in Nishikigoi out there (oops, am probably flunking in BBS as I speak).

    Back too the beloved “poo”. I hope we both mean the solids normally located in all places that we didn’t think about when we made our first pond.
    And yes I’m trying to get through the postings on this board without losing what ever was given to me for safekeeping inside my scull.
    I would expect that the amount solids would bee equal in both setups if you where to us similar pumps. In fact low consumption / high flow would for me be a contradiction in terms here (just humble opinion). The best function off degassing and dilution should bee expected when the solution where at an optimal mix. I believe it would be; all solids transformed to small partials (the smaller the better and in constant mix = high flow rate).

    Thanks for hanging in there, and if I’m not mistaken the setup isn’t supposed too hold super values more than one year before a total scrub down (re DVD). The function off new “super media” is as far as I’m concerned in the hands off Kichi’s like you, so please keep up the good work. It would be nice if the deferens in your systems started to differ greatly. As you probably have figured I do love improvement and good solutions.

    Over – under – or beside the couch we recon its still just a mater of dress code, meaning the “spirit” stays the same.

    To dick benbow
    Are you sure you’re not Norwegian? We are also expert one diversity and spreading everything out just to be sure. Just final question, how are you able to get all those eggs. We constantly find them in sort supply here.
    Norway or way we don’t have vacations any more is in its making to the amusement off you this BBS and the rest off Vogata NI

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